Here are a few major-league baseball players who aren’t afraid to confess their faith publicly. And, there are TONS MORE...

  1. Garrett Anderson

    Garrett Anderson

    Garrett Anderson grew up hearing about God but didn't know Him. He went to church and stayed out of trouble, trying to live a good life. It wasn’t until a number of years ago that he recognized and truly understood Christ died for him, and that he was a sinner. When Anderson realized he was lost is when he surrendered his life to Christ. He put his complete trust in what Jesus did for him on the cross. Anderson said, “the Bible states, For by grace you have been saved by faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast." During the past few years, he has grown to know Christ in a much deeper way through reading the word of God. He sites the Lord as guiding him through the challenges he had when he played baseball and being a husband and father. Anderson said it was God who taught him to make wise decisions and to lean on him. Garrett said through the power of prayer there has been tremendous things happen in his life. He has also witnessed God’s amazing love in many ways. It has been through the pressures of everyday life that has enabled him to learn to lean on God. His favorite scripture verse is in Proverbs, “a gentle answer turns away wrath.” From 1997-2003, Anderson was second only to Derek Jeter in hits among all Major-League players. In 2002-2003, he led the American League in doubles. These are only two of his many accomplishments while playing in the MLB. Note: The content for this article was conceived after reading about Garrett Anderson on the website Baseball Chapel.
  2. Lance Berkman

    Lance Berkman

    Berkman was raised going to church and in a Christian home. He was baptized at age of 11. However, he did not really understand what the Gospel was about until he attended college. This is a time when you are no longer under the supervision of your parents and starting to think for yourself. Berkman said that was the case with him, and that’s when his faith became his own. According to him, the Lord used a lot of people to speak into his life. One such person was his brother-in-law Jake. The other was his wife Cara, whom he was dating at the time. He sites her as being an important person in his life that helps him to grow spiritually. It was during his sophomore year at Rice University that his spiritual journey really started developing. His walk with Christ is a continued work of progress he works on daily. He said his influence as a clubhouse leader is extremely important to him because it gives him an opportunity to share his faith. The following is what he had to say about being a clubhouse leader. “I don’t think you can overstate the importance of using your platform or using the position you’ve been given to affect good in every circumstance that you’re in. Obviously, the only reason I’m where I am is because God has gifted me and he has seen fit to put me where I am. I have to honor that by using my influence and my status on the team and in the game of baseball for good and to His purpose.” In 2005, Berkman led the Astros to the top of baseball success: the World Series. He said that experience doesn’t even begin to compare to his relationship with Jesus Christ. He was named the NL Comeback Player of the Year in 2011. He also helped the Cardinals win the World Series that same year. Note: The content of this article was gathered after reading Lance Berkman's CBN interview called True Satisfaction.
  3. Andy Pettitte

    Andy Pettitte

    Pettitte said his relationship with Christ was the driving force while he was working his way into the majors and throughout his career in the MLB. There is a parallel that Andy talks about when he was on the mound and living his life as a Christian. It isn’t smart of a player to walk four or five batters, in a game, and think that you can be successful. He also said that if you’re married, it’s not smart to run-around boozing it up going to bars if you want to have a successful relationship with your wife. Pettitte says the relationship with his wife, Laura, is one of the most important things to him. In a CBN interview he said, “I just think it relates to your Christian faith if you do the work, if you’re in the Bible like you need to be, if you’re praying to the Lord. You’re gonna stay in the game a lot longer, and you’re gonna be a lot stronger than other people that aren’t.” He said his relationship with the Lord was the most important thing in his life. To him, it's all about spreading the word of Jesus Christ, trying to get people saved. Pettitte said the day he got saved, he knew there was a change in him. He knew that he is destined to spend eternity in heaven. Andy played 17 years in the majors, mostly with the Yankees. He won five World Series with them and was a three time All-Star. He is currently ranked at number 19 in post-season wins. When Pettitte played baseball, he realized he had a unique platform on which he could share his faith with others. He retired in 2011, which some say was a disappointing season.